An Analysis of the ladies in Politics

An Analysis of the ladies in Politics

Women In Politics

Women in Politics

Beginning with the early nineteen hundreds, women of all ages from from coast to coast have bounded collectively, forming leagues and clubs for equivalent rights. However, it wasn't until today “in the dawn of the twenty-first century, states and international community can't refute the actual fact that humanity comprises of two sexes, not simply one” (Oliveria 26). Why has the woman’s approach for equality at the moment started to balance itself out? Very well, the answer is pretty simple; women are simply now being considered semi-equals. They are starting to become corporate executives in businesses, and popular in neuro-scientific medicine and law. Girls have tried out hard to drive themselves forward in society to make a balanced and harmonious market therefore far it has been successful. Barriers of most types have already been broken, well, all except a few, typically in politics and with the info I have collected I'll show why.

Politics…when one stops and thinks of the term “politics” what naturally involves brain? Our founding fathers, Presidents George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; the favorite political numbers of today, President Costs Clinton, George W. Bush and Al Gore; or carry out we think about Belva Ann Lockwood, Jeannette Rankin, Frances Perkins, and Eugenie Moore - who? When American's consider politics, Lyn Kathlene, journalist for the “ADVANCED SCHOOLING Chronicles,” states that “ninety-five percent of that time period they envision a guy who is responsible for running, or assisting to run, their country.” Is society to be blamed for this misconception that girls do not hold important roles


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