An Examination of Lord of the Flies, a Novel by William Golding

An Evaluation of Lord of the Flies, a Novel by William Golding

Lord of the Flies

A Report by Mitchell Allen

I The Characters.

Ralph - Ralph is one of the older children stranded on the island, one with an all natural leadership quality about him. He's among the stronger, if not the strongest of the males; 12 year aged with common sense to greatly help him get along by himself; unfortunately, good sense doesn t fly as well well with small kids. Ralph is trapped between what's considered fun, and what must get done to be able to possess peace on the island. Not a position many would want to maintain, but as he was picked leader, he gets the respect of almost all of the youngsters on the island.

Piggy - Piggy can be an eager, chubby child, who loves to poke his nasal area where it doesn t belong. Piggy may be the only 1 on the island that wears glasses to assist his vision, and appears to become a character easily disliked due to his babyish character. Although he is one of the rational and logical thinkers, his suggestions are seldom heeded, generally due to his persistent whining. Piggy has got asthma, and this helps it be difficult for him to operate. Ralph, being the first ever to meet Piggy, became his guardian, and protector from the additional kids s cruelty on the island.

Jack - Jack Merridew is a singer, mind of the choir, and comes with an intimidating appearance and way of chat. Jack is jealous, so when Ralph


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