An Introduction to the annals of the Green Revolution in the Past due 1960s

An Introduction to the annals of the Green Revolution in the Overdue 1960s

Overview of the Changes:

Bangladesh being an agro-based nation has undergone significant improvements over the last few decades; especially because the inception of the systems of the Green Revolution in the past due 1960s. Green Revolution has taken about productivity-based development by replacing the original area-based production process. Put simply, it has shifted from the utilization of comprehensive margin to intensive margin in agriculture.

Bangladesh Agricultural sector is normally dominated by the Crop Sector which rice and wheat will be the two key crops. Between both of these crops, more focus is on the creation of rice becoming the staple food. This will make Bangladesh a mono-crop economy. Nevertheless, the physical development of both wheat and rice has got risen considerably.

Green Revolution technologies have caused the next changes: (Alauddin and Hossain, 2001, pp.4)


Greater use of chemical substance fertilizers and pesticides.


Enhanced irrigation facilities.


Introduction of High-Yielding Range (HYV) Seeds.


Rise in multiple cropping, which bring about agricultural intensification.

All the above mentioned changes have led to the entire mechanization of agriculture. This identifies the increased use of modern irrigation facilities such as for example Low Lift up Pumps (LLP), Shallow and Deep Tube Wells (STWs & DTWs), Tractors, Power-tillers etc. (Alauddin and Quiggin, 2007, pp.114). Subsequently, excessive ground water use has substantially substituted surface drinking water consumption for irrigation, thus making Bangladesh the virtually all irrigation intensive region in South Asia.


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